Pine Tree

72 years of history

Founded and based in South Korea, the origin of Taekwondo

Quality and Trust

More than about products

As one of the oldest in martial arts world, our company had and still have one goal: good quality, on time delivery. It sounds simple but it takes a lot of work. But with that we earned trust from our customers and that trust led us to produce good qualities items.

The progress and experience we made since 1948, it will lead us to connect more, create more and expand our potentials. 


New changes and trends

There are more and more signs that the martial art worlds are changing. New materials, new ways of training and even new rules. We think that it is a positive change and to be prepared, we forced a team together just for new products and all kinds of innovations.


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Feel free to talk to us! From dealership to eco-friendly materials, we are open to everyone about anything because we need your help as well! 


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If there is any martial arts product we cannot provide, then the world should be worried…


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Our doors are always open for you. We are based in Korea but thanks to internet, you can send us an email and we will respond to you within 24 hours.